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Now that Milram will be using the extreme, and team models from Focus, would It be dumb to pass on purchasing a 2009 Izalco Team Focus with sram red and mavic cosmic carbone slr wheels for $5200 US? IT was also reviewed favorably in the november 2008 Procycling. This seems hard to pass up. You are able to return it within 7 days if it does not fit right. If a protour team will use it I think it is safe to say the bike is dependable, and we are just unfamiliar with a proven brand in Europe.
I would appreciate some more thoughts that would help in my purchasing decisions. Thanks.


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    Hmm, it's a hard one I've got a Cayo '07 and I've done about 9k on it and could not fault it. Would I buy a more expensive Focus? definitely. Would I buy one for £3500? I'm not sure. That's a lot of money and there are a lot of very nice bikes in that price bracket. I'm sure technically it's amazing but TBH I don't think the Izalco hold up to some others on looks (which obviously is a personal thing).