Shorts - Washing reccomendations?

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What is the best way to wash your cycling shorts?

I've never had any lycra to wash until now and would like to know the best way to get them fresh without wearing them out (as they will be washed alot obviously)

I'll be getting another pair anyway, but just for the meantime and future longevity..



  • It's best to wash shorts, base layers, jerseys after every ride - sweat makes the garments smelly and eventually destroys the material - have 2 or 3 pairs of shorts, longs etc so you can ride next day if things aren't dry (generally lycra is pretty fast drying)
  • whyamihere
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    Washing machine on the super delicates setting with delicate washing liquid, then drip dry them.
  • hopper1
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    Also avoid using fabric conditioner when washing technical fabrics.
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  • bobpzero
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    ive used Assos Active Wear Cleanser, its expensive but it does what its meant to.
    . handwash in a clean basin in warmish water and then drip dry, tho trying to find somewhere indoors and out of the way i find difficult.
  • Slow Downcp
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    I bung all my stuff in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash, non bio powder or liquid and no fabric softner. Also make sure any velcro fastenings on other things are fastened and inside out - velcro will eat lycra in a 1400 rpm spin!
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    i put all my cycling clothes in a pillow case before washing at 30c. Stops any damage to the fabric caused by it getting rubbed together at high speed
  • aracer
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    Silk programme in the machine (30 degrees) with soapflakes for all my sports kit.
  • 30 degree wash, with liquid for washing wool. And always close the velcro tabs on gloves.