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sjburbidgesjburbidge Posts: 98
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I am considering getting a GPS for my bike, and I've almost settled on the Garmin Legend HcX (I think).

My question is regarding Memory map etc - is this the only way of getting a route onto the GPS unit to take out on a ride? Is there any other compatible mapping software memory map seems very expensive -£80 for quite a small region.

Do I just need to bite the bullet? Any advice welcome, thanks



  • BmjboyBmjboy Posts: 680
    The are a lot of online route creation website, my personal choice is

    Im not familiar with the HCX, but do have a Edge 305.

    You do not need MemoryMap, but it is very good as it uses REAL OS Maps to work with.
    (Im sure some sly Ebay searching will bring up some *cough* cheap versions)

    Do be aware there is only a handful of GPS devices which actually show OS maps on screen, otherwise you have to make do with the onboard one that they come with.

    Im sure someone on here has more info about the GPS unit in question regarding this though.
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    You will need to purchase Garmin's own mapping software (TOPOGB) just to get something map related to display on screen (full country costs around £ 100). You'll also need a micro SD card as well as Garmin don't give you one, £ 10 off Ebay for a 2Gb card which will hold the whole of the UK. This also loads onto the PC and you can create routes with it. However it is very poor on the PC and not great on the unit. Contours and rivers eem to be fairly accurate but roads and path detail is censored .

    If you want to create routes on the PC using OS level software it will cost as OS charge a fortune for the mapping rights. An alternative to MemoryMap is Tracklogs which is what I use. It covers the whole country in 1:25000, MemoryMap doesn't and you can buy individual maps at a time which works out cheaper in the short term (£25 per OS map, caovers the same area as the OS paper equivalent) but will cost more if you want to cover large areas.

    If you want OS mapping on your GPS unit consider the the COLORADO or OREGON units which are just coming out. Again you still need to buy the mapping to put on the unit seperately and I bet it's expensive.

    Have fun, GPS and mapping is an expensive minefield.
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