Shimano STi levers double to triple

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Hi All

I have seen this topic discussed many a time but can't see the exact answer. I have STi Ultegra shifters on a 2002 Specialized bike. The Shimano website lists the ST-R500 and ST-6510 shifters as both being compatible with 18 or 27 speed (ie double or triple) but doesn't show the year for these components. Does anyone know where I would find out if they are fitted to my year (2002) bike and therefore if they will work with a triple? They have an extra click that I currently use for trimming my double setup, but will this correctly control a triple front mech?




  • yep it shud do mate, but i aint gt the best knowledge of road shifters, although that the same with mtb shifters :D
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    If you peel back the rubber hood (just roll it back from the bottom, from the drop end rather than the lever end), you should find the model number moulded onto the plastic body of the shifter itself.
    ST-6510's are certainly double/triple compatible as I have a 2nd-hand pair from a friend's bike - he used them on a double, I'm using them on my triple Winter bike.
    I think the ST-6500's are too, but couldn't say for sure.
    In triple use, there will be an extra click beyond your trimming position, which on a double will be adjusted using the mech end-stop screws so that you never get to it - so there's inner ring click - middle-ring trim left half-click - middle ring trim right half-click - outer ring click.
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    If you are not sure then slacken the cable so it is fairly loose then re-clamp it. Get hold of the slack bit by the down tube and pull it away from the tube. Now operate the shifter in full movements, not the trim half ones. If you get 2 full clicks then it will do a triple. Ignore the trim positions as there are about 4 of them.
    You should be OK with 2002 ones. I don't think they went double only until later.
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    Hmm 2002 would be 9-speed / 6500 series. I've got 6500 on both the tandem and my old road bike, and fairly sure they're compatible with triple (which is what we have on the tandem, using standard 6500 levers). I think the difference between 6500 and 6510 levers is whether they're flight deck compatible, as ISTR that's why the tandem has them (taken off my road bike so I could get flight deck on that).