refinishing a chainset - good methods?

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I have an old chainset I am thinking about refinishing. Polishing alone will have it looking a bit rubbish, and I think I might like to turn it black. I quite like the finish on campag mirage black chiansets - sot of a matt / satin finish.

I assume it is painted - is there a good technique for getting a good, and durable, finish at home?

Alternative would be to get it anodised black, how much approx would that be?

Thanks for any input.


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    Firstly, do you scuff your cranks with your feet? If there is evidence of scuffing, then strongly suggest you don't attempt a black finish on your cranks as it will get rubbed off in no time - that is why many are coloured silver otherwise . It's many years since I've had anything anodised, best speak to a metal finisher to see what's possible, but expect you're going to have to give your cranks a good polish beforehand - 000 grade steel wool and elbow grease.
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    Get them powdercoated. Much cheaper than anodising and will take a lot more than scuffing it with your feet to rub it off.
  • If it is a non-anodised (really old) chainset, then polishing using '000' grade steel wool and chrome cleaning paste such as Autosol works well. Used it on a TA Cyclotouriste chainset OK. You can even use the same technique with the polymer car polishes and the steel wool for a longer lasting shine
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