Campg shifters Ultrashift Vs QS Escape

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I'm looking at some new shifters after I managed to snap the rather nasty plastic gear lever on my xenons.

It looks like the veloce are better made and the levers are made of aluminium, so hopefully won't fall apart so easily.

Just wondering what the difference is between the Ultrashift and the QS Escape. Had a look on the campag website and just ended up confused :?


  • whyamihere
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    You know how on your Xenons you can shift multiple gears with one movement of the main gear lever? With Ultrashift, you can do that with both levers. The front mech is also essentially non-indexed, so it can be easily trimmed.
  • aracer
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    Two things: US and QS is to do with the front changing - supposedly you need the compatible front shifter for either, though I've seen plenty of reports that it doesn't matter that much. US is apparently a bit nicer shifting.

    Escape is to do with rear shifting and means you only get to upshift one gear at a time with each lever movement as opposed to non-Escape (which all Ultrashift levers are) where you can if you want change up 9 or 10 gears with one sweep. I'd suggest Ultrashift / non-Escape is vastly preferable. If you're looking at Ultrashift you're also looking at the new shape levers which people seem to like, though I have no personal experience.
  • robrauy
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    Great - thanks for the explanations...

    They're only for my commuter, so think I'll save the 20 odd quid and go for the Veloce QS.

    Still fairly annoyed about the quality of the Xenons :evil: