Tyres for indoor trainers

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I am just about to start using a cyclops trainer which I have been loaned. Do I need to use any specific tyre or is it alright to use the existing one on the wheel? Is the tyre likely to wear out quickly?


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    Turbos eat normal tyres. Ideally you want to use something like a Continental Turbo tyre.
  • Hi there.

    Or just use an older tyre that has too many cuts in it to trust out on the road.

    I've got a stack of them in the shed - they actually take quite a while to wear all the way through. After just a hanndful of sessions they'll be too worn to ride on the road, but I usually get all the way through the winter on just one or two tyres.

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  • Many thanks. The comments are really useful and I expect they have saved me quite of hassle and cash. Much appreciated.
  • I just got a continental ultra sport hometrainer it seems a fair quieter than the old road tyre I was using.
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    Conti trainer tyre. I'm on my 3rd winter with mine and it shows no sign of wearing out.

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    I've both the Tacx and Conti Home Trainer and they're much quieter than the road tyres and they've made my pile of split/clit/worn road tyres destined for the turbo obsolete.
  • DaSy
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    I just relegate any old tyres to use on the turbo, no point in shelling out for another tyre.

    I have had nearly a year out of an old Conti Ultrasport that was cut all over the place and no use on the road. I'm wearing out tyres on the road much faster than I can use them up on the turbo...
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  • Thanks everyone. I have got one cheap Hutchinson road tyre which I will swap to and start using first. Once that is finished I will then purchase a Continental trainer tyre as suggested.
  • If you're using rollers (rather than a turbo), is it worthwhile (quieter) to use an indoor-specific tyre on the front or just the rear?
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    From my comment in November when I just used old road tyres, I have since bought a Tacx trainer tyre as I was advised it cured some choppiness issues on the Fortius, and can confirm that it really does improve the performance of the Fortius on steep climbs.

    That said, on rollers or a standard turbo that is not getting feedback from the resistance roller as in the Fortius, I would still say that an old tyre is fine.

    I don't do anything other than just ride my best bike as is on the rollers, it wears tyres less than tarmac does in my experience.
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  • I've had 3 flat tyres riding on my turbo using two different road tyres (in good nick) on two different bikes. Got so frustrated I bought a Conti Ultra trainer tyre and found it has stopped the flats and is much quieter than the road tyres. It is a pig to get on so I wouldn't fancy having to keep swappng over if you only have one bike/set of wheels.