WH-R601 Cassette Compatability

Stevo C
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After some quick advice please....

I've just responded to an ad for a rear wheel for sale, Shimano WH-R601. I wanted it for my winter bike, which runs 9 speed shimano and I assumed this wasn't a problem.

A colleague has just told me some shimano hubs are not 8/9/10 speed compatable, but just 10 speed only. I've looked on the shimano europe website and it says 10 speed only for this wheel.

Does this mean there's no way of fitting a 9 speed cassette to it?



  • andyrr
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    If the WH601 is an Ultegra rear then it is 10 only. Think some of the Ultegra and D/a pre-built Shimano wheels were like this.
    Nice wheels but if you want to use 9 speed then the cassette will not fit.
  • Stevo C
    Stevo C Posts: 132
    Bugger, thanks for that.

    I've been digging further as well, Sheldon Brown has a bit on it as well, seems that Shimano raised the height of the splines on some of their alloy hubs and changed the 10 speed cassettes accordingly. So 10 speed cassettes still fit on 8/9/10 speed hubs, but only 10 speed cassettes fit on these hubs.

  • andy_wrx
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    Agreed. If it's one of those Ultegra wheels with an alloy freehub body, it will be 10sp only as the hub will have the longer splines.

    If it has a steel freehub body, then it'll take 8/9/10sp.

    Now I don't know if you could fit a steel freehub body from another Shimano wheel onto the WHR-601hub...