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Rab Drillium or Slipstream jackets

dirtbiker100dirtbiker100 Posts: 1,997
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Hi bit of a long shot but does anyone here have any experience of either the Rab Drillium or Slipstream jackets? I've read lots about the drillium and its won tests etc but don't know if it might be a bit big and bulky to put in a hydration pack (planning on getting a 19L dakine nomad admittedly). Can't see one in person so looking for personal experience?

The slipstream is smaller and my second alternative but i've not read any reviews of it.
price isn't a worry but can only be rab at the moment due to a lovely discount :D



  • Drillium is a fantastic piece of kit, I own one. It's cut really well for biking, I've had jackets in the past where the arms sag a bit whereas these are cut quite tightly.

    I've worn it for adventure races, biking in the Highlands, running and general day to day wear. It's not let in rain yet, but it has begun to wet out after about 6 months heavy usage. I reckon that's just the eVent needing replenished with some Grangers and a warm iron.

    If you've read the reviews, you'll know the hood is gash, but also you should note that the collar is quite high as a result of having a hood.

    I have an 18l North Face bag I wear for riding, and it'll stuff into that quite nicely when it's too dry to wear it. eVent doesn't get too warm for the most part, it breathes a lot better than any other waterproof I've tried.

    What price can you get it at? I paid 130 quid for mine.
  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    I've been wearing my hill jacket, Rab latok alpine, really breathable stuff wouldn't hesitate to buy the cycling jacket if I had any cash left!
    Kona Kula Supreme, the hardtail
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  • Cool, thanks for the replies. I've gone for the Drillium after finding out that the event fabric is, I think, 4 times more breathable than the fabric used in the slipstream (Pertex Shield). I've got a Rab Bergen which has the same event fabric and love that so yep, Drillium it is.

    Alasdair, its not a public offer but i'm looking at around £80 or less... ;)
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