Twinsix - Fat Cyclist

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Just a heads up the new Fat Cyclist stuff is for sale on Twinsix as of today
I impulse pre-ordered one of the wooly tops


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    I love the look of Twin Six stuff but have always been put off by the fact it's not easy to come by in Blighty and with the import duty, tax and shipping it could work out quite pricey ordering direct.

    The new Speedy, Greaser and black Argyle look fantastic.
  • The designs look good on the website but in the flesh the quality is pretty poor.
  • agree with star_rover - I bought a jersey last year and like the design a lot but quality-wise it's not up to much. Stitching's come apart on one arm, which I've never had happen on a cycling jersey before and the cut isn't the best - bit short on material around the arms.
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    That's a shame cause they look so good. I'm glad I didn't order that Brew Pub one last year now.