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Jonathan Ross

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"Dear Jonathan just a quick message to say i've shagged your daughter, who's laffin now . Lot's of love Gary Glitter "


  • I'm confused, is that meant to be a dig or funny :?
  • Thats funny :lol:
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    I bet he's wishing he'd kept his big gob shut now though.
    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

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  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    funny guy, but foolish. But still, it was a pre-recorded show. didnt anyone in editing listen to it. :?
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  • ADJDADJD Posts: 47
    I am pretty sure i'm not alone, but Russel Brand annoys the hell out of me.....
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    i would quite happly put stinging nettels in my eyes than watch or listern to Brand or Woss
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    ADJD wrote:
    I am pretty sure i'm not alone, but Russel Brand annoys the hell out of me.....

    incredibly annoying to the point of throwing something at the TV
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  • dgoulddgould Posts: 66
    Controversially, I think Brand is rather funny, but Ross is an absolute c0ck.

    I'd love to beat him to death with a burning, ebola infected, Chris Moyles (I'd be dressed in some type of windscale suit of curse)

    Let's hope daily mail readers continue to be distracted from asylum seekers long enough to get him sacked!!
    It\'s a bit steep for my liking
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Can't stand Ross or Brand. Note to Brand....... shouting does NOT make something unfunny funny!!! Looking like a [email protected] does not make you funny!!! How either of them have become rich by being as funny as a case of ebola astounds me!
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    I must be a freak of nature then cos i think both russel brand and jonathan ross are both funny blokes.

    This whole palarva is totally over the top if u ask me, there's much more offensive comedians outhere than these 2. It seems like people are jumping on the whole 'its offensive' thing because its deemd the right 'PC' thing to do whether they actually believe it or not.

    If u want to chastice someone how about people like chubby brown who cant even speak a single sentence with a barrage of f words and whatnot, bernard manning was very highly regarded as a comic despite his blantantly racist comments/jokes, these are just 2 off the top of my head im sure u can think of many more than me right now.

    Its not like russel brand was lying either, it turns out he did have sex with the woman and the fact she's a singer in a death metal band called Satans Angels (or something like that) shows she's certainly not a saint and wouldnt be offended by a comment like russel brand made, its a witch hunt if u ask me with people who have nothing better to do in their sad little lives.

    I wish both russel brand and jonathan ross all the best, im still a big fan of both.
  • ToshmundToshmund Posts: 390
    Brand - bit like Reeves and Mortimer/The Mighty Boosh...totally lost on me, bit of an acquired taste. Saying that, I walked out of Napoleon Dynamite and that seems to be a cult film now! :lol: Think Ross is a funny enough bloke. I think, people have more of a issue with his salary and this has turned into something to beat him with. Going by his radio show, his level of commonsense is not the greatest and he needs the backroom team to keep him in check.

    Looks like the Daily Mail is now after Frankie Boyle now. Who is a funny bloke for a short spell. Saw him live a couple of weeks ago. After an hour or so, the humour was a bit uncomfortable, to the point of shock value. "Should I really be laughing at this?" type of unease. Type of peer group pressure. Yes, I am in the gang and laughing along too...It was a bit of a strange show to be truthful. Saw Mark Steele a couple of weeks beforehand - a different league!
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    All this is is just another example of the nanny/police state tryin to sanitise everything we do in our lives, i hope theres more comedians come out and stick a middle finger up at the doo gooders who need to get a life.
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    Has anyone heard about the current uproar about Jeremy Clarkson saying that lorry drivers are murderers and into prostitutes.

    I ask you. get over it :roll:
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  • By the sounds of it, if the Daily mail had their way and if all this PC censored got any worse... HUMOUR would be ILLEGAL!!

    Perhaps I could even get hated by the whole nation for saying a college may is "A gay [email protected]'

    Whatever happend to taking a joke, or is that lost in the depths of lost property with common sense
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    Its getting to the point where u wont even be able to say good morning to ur neighbour incase they're having a bad day and u offend them, society needs to have a word with itself and come back to reality before it really is too late.

    Jezza, Russel Brand, Jonathan Ross fan rebelling against the ludicrous situation we now find ourselves in.
  • Rich9Rich9 Posts: 1,635
    Papa Smurf wrote:
    By the sounds of it, if the Daily mail had their way and if all this PC censored got any worse... HUMOUR would be ILLEGAL!!

    The Daily Mail is the biggest Joke of them all. wouldnt use it for bog paper :x

    As for Jezza. He's just a star man 8) The amount of stuff he says that actually makes a lot of sense is a lot higher than any glorified 'News'paper
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  • i just dont like russel brand, never endured anything hes done long enough to discover whether he is funny or not.
    ross can be entertaining
    clarkson is a genius
  • i just dont like russel brand, never endured anything hes done long enough to discover whether he is funny or not.
    ross can be entertaining
    clarkson is a genius
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    i just dont like russel brand, never endured anything hes done long enough to discover whether he is funny or not.
    ross can be entertaining
    clarkson is a genius

    Exactly right.

    I especially enjoyed his trucker - prostitute comments (I really mean that - not sarky) and could just forsee the poor delicate truckers complaining :lol:
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  • dombradombra Posts: 46
    i find them funny on the radio and both have said or implied much worse over the years. in this situation it's not what they said but how and to who they said it.

    if brand had mentioned another shag in one of their very many shows it wouldn't have been more than a few pages in a few papers along the lines of brand shags manuels granddaughter. case closed.
    the problem is that they left manuel a few messages on his phone. if you or i as a sixteen year old phoned somebodies granddad to let them know i shagged their grandaughter i would expect a burst mouth. the fact they are comedians/how much they are paid/who shagged who has no bearing in this either way they are big,old and rich enough to take the kick in the knackers for the bad descision.

    no i don't read the mail other than for the comedy/outrage value, and the mail group has provoked a large outrage in me at the moment in the way they are stirring this up.
    the credit crunch has left houseprices dropping, immigrants leaving, values in shares and pensions crashing so they have to print summit to keep their readers minds off all those awfull problems. i'll give it a couple o months before they lead a crusade against bikes :wink:
  • matsmats Posts: 98
    this whole debacle has been blown out of proportion ,on the grand scale of things it's not really a biggie, but to Andrew Sachs its major and he has every right to boot Russell brand in the town halls.

    Don't read the papers at all or watch telly much but Brand and Ross seem to be quite funny for a pair of tossers
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    If any of us had gotten a message on our answering machine with the basic meaning of "I shagged your grandaughter, will you kill yourself?" would we have found it funny? There is a line in comedy and they crossed it by making it a personal thing where the guy involved had no way to reply at the time. As for the grandaughter.... she is just using it to make money and boost her career with the Satanic Sluts dance troop
  • handfulhandful Posts: 918
    What I can't fathom is who actually complains? Apparantly there was only around 30 complaints for the Clarkson 'murder a prostitute' gag until it was reported in the paper and then suddenly hundreds if not thousands of complaints flooded in from people who didn't even watch the soddin programme :? I know a lot of drivers and they weren't offended so maybe it was the prostitutes complaining who were busy doing something else when it was broadcast :wink:

    Why should the complainees be able to stop millions of viewers having a laugh watching the funniest programme on tv? Friday nights aren't the same any more either with JR suspended. Bunch of killjoy saddos if you ask me :wink:
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  • Handful thats what i cant understand either, now i dont know figures of viewers and what not but i would assume a fair few million watch Top Gear, so if 30 people complain why should they then spoilt it for the other 3,999.970 who enjoy the program, who have a sense of humour and dont take life too seriously.

    Must admit i dont miss Ross on fridays though, he did enjoy kissing peoples backsides and when Ricky Gervais is on its gringeworthy its that slimey.

    By the way i do find Gervais a funny man with his stand up, his other stuff is a bit same old same old now.
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