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Marzocchi Corsa SL WC 2007 Vs Recon 327/SL

callow82callow82 Posts: 31
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
OK, so I've currently got the Corsas but to be honest I've stuggled with them and haven't got on very well. Lots of adjustments, very fiddly, not as smooth or plush as I was hoping. Maybe I haven't managed to get them set up right. I did get them for a very cheap price though. Its a hardtail I use for general riding (peaks, brecons etc) and the odd race and marathon.

I've seen 2008 recons on sale, the 327 and the SL, and am wondering whether these would be a better performing fork than what I've got at the moment? Obviously a lot cheaper than the corsas but have heard good things. If anyones got any experience of these 2 I would love to hear what you think. The recons are only 250 grams heavier than the corsas but thats no worry if it will be better.

And what is the different between the 327s and the SL, is it as simple as one is coil and one air? Is one worth it over the other? Thanks for any advice,


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