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Campag rear mech capacity 13-29 question

still_illstill_ill Posts: 8
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The only specs I can find on Campag for the rear mech is to use the medium cage if you want a 13-29 rear with a compact. Does anyone know if the only difference in the mech (10 speed Centaur) is the cage length or do they also have a different sweep to cover the 29t cog?

At the moment I have a short cage mech and a 12-25 but for touring I'd like to run a 13-29 for a few weeks. I have a compact at the front but rather than a 34-50 I have a 34-46 (cyclocross bike).

As I work it out the short rear mech is designed to cope with 29t difference (34/50 + 12-25) and the set up I want is only 28t (34/46 + 13-29). So it should all work if the mechs are the same apart from the cage and the short rear mech will clear the 29t cog.

Sorry for the ramble! Opinions?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Plenty of people successfully run the 13-29 rear mech with a short-arm rear mech. The difference between the short and medium arm mechs is the length of the jockey wheel cape. I would get the cassette and try it first - you'll need to avoid small sprocket / chainring gear combos as there's a risk of the mech hitting the sprockets.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Steve928Steve928 Posts: 314
    As Monty said, plus I occasionally even run a 13-30 cassette on a short cage and all cog combinations are fine - even the very bad big+big won't actually break anything.

    Got a picture somewhere.. Here it is:

  • Brilliant thanks, I suspected that would be the case but I am a recent Campag convert!

    That does of course mean I dont have an excuse to buy a touring bike now, just a cassette and new chain.
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