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Couple of questions

cannondaledudecannondaledude Posts: 6
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My first time posting :twisted:

Ive done a search but cant find what im looking for.

I need some advice. Ive got a cannondale F6 Disk. im going to change the shimano alivio gear to XT. However mines an 8 speed. If i buy the XT crank, bottom bracket, front derailleur, rear derailleur, Casette, Shifters, chain. will they fit my bike (I will be changing it to a 9 speed)? Is there anything else i might need.

Also one other question, Are carbon risers bars safe, will they last long. I dont want them snapping and ending up in my face :lol:



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes they will fit.

    you will need the correct tools to remove and fit the BB/bearings.
    cassette tool and chain whip.

    Carbon. personal choice. there are fine until they get damaged.
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  • People use Carbon downhill bars, so they must be safe....
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  • Thanks for the replys.

  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    To uprgrdae to 9 speed from 8 all you actually need is a new shifter, chain and rear sprocket, all the rest will be compatible so if you want you can upgrade in bits rather than one big hit if you want.
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  • Ah cool :o) i will save some moneys up 8) .

    Thanks Again
  • You will need new rear mech, shifter, chain and cassette. Also worth changing the cables while you have them off.

    The shifters won't match, so you may want to change them both for the sake of appearance.

    If the front chainrings are badly worn they may skip with the new chain, at that point you have the option of a new crankset or alternatively you could replace the chainrings on your existing crankset, it should work just fine with your new setup.

    I use carbon bars for XC / trails but I could not justify the cost of a carbon stem (not a proper one anyway) so I stuck with an alloy stem and carbon bar. Probably lighter anyway.

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