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Look CX7 & Look service

jon_andrewjon_andrew Posts: 5
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Do I have unrealistic expectations?

I bought a bike from a friend that had CX7 ti pedals on it. They had hardly been used (very little wear). Fifth time riding on them and the carbon bracket at the bottom that holds the body to the spindle broke apart (made for an interesting ride home from Hillingdon).

I emailed Look, and phoned Fisher Outdoor to see if they could supply a replacement bracket (held in place with two allen key bolts). I've had no response - in spite of chasing Fisher.

My take is that amateurs who purchase the top end pedal are probably not going to be riding them to death so they are likely to have a reasonable lifespan, hence the manufacturer should continue to support the pedal for a couple of years after production ceases.. Maybe they do, but the service is so lousy that you never find out?

So if I take umbrage and foreswear Look, what are the best top end pedals? Speedplay? Dura Ace?


  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Just bad luck I reckon mate. I ride on old 236s with no problems at all in the last 10 years. Pedals are a little like saddles, you find one you like and kind of stick with it.

    There must be places that stock older Look parts surely.
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