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JumanjiJumanji Posts: 25
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Im looking for a sub £100 GPS. I mainly ride built trails but im looking for a GPS whicch can give me time height distance etc. I don't really need one that plots on a map just the basics.

Garmin etrex H was recomended at around £60. Any others?


  • Matt-BMatt-B Posts: 112
    It might be worth spending the little extra to get one of the Edge models - 205 or 305.

    The 205 seems to be going for around 100 quid and has everything you mention and more. I have a 705 and it is an ace bit of kit - although I am a self-confessed gadget nerd.

    For time and distance, you would probably be just as well getting a wireless cycle computer rather than a GPS enabled one? From my point of view, a GPS is only necessary if you would like to see where you have been and maybe see where you need to go. For stats alone, a cycle computer will cover most of your needs for a lot less cash.
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