seatpost sizing (dawes tourer)

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Hi All,

I'm looking for help regarding seatpost sizing.
I need to replace the seatpost on my 5-year old Dawes Super Galaxy tourer. Looking around on retailers & manufacturers websites, there doesn't seem to be much (actually, any!) available in the diameter I need (24.5 mm - the smallest i've seen so far is 27mm). So I'm wondering;
a) am I doing something silly in the way I determined the size - I just measured my current seatpost diameter with a caliper - 24.5mm
b)how exact does it have to be? I see some seatposts offered in very close diameters (e.g 26.8, 27, 27.2 !), so I guess it has to be spot on, or...?
c) is this a really unusual seatpost size and if so where could I find a replacement.



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    clean your current seat post and the size should be stamped on it.
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  • thanks, I'll try that.
  • You can usually go 0.1mm either side, so 24.4 - 24.6mm should be okay. Better to check what's written or stamped on the seatpost...
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    Your LBS will be able to measure it accurately and advise on an a replacement.

    The last time I bought a replacement it was microns smaller than the down tube. Every time I went over a bump the step slipped a bit further down!