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which hardtail - £400

isctonyisctony Posts: 13
edited November 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi, i'm completely new to this forum but i'm hoping you guys can give a little advice

I'm looking at buying a new Hardtail bike with a budget of £400.

I have narrowed it down to two bikes


I would preferably like to buy it from evans as there is a shop close to me so i can try the bikes out, but i would like some opinions on them before going in to have a closer look.

From what i can see the cannondale is better equipped though perhaps the geometry of the GT is better?

If there are any other bikes that people think would be worth looking at please tell me :D

Looking forward to your replies


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Bonus of buying from a decent LBS is trying the bikes out. Both are well specced, with functional forks, hydro discs and decent frames. Whatever feels best is the one to go for (as simple as that!)
  • The carrera Kraken? its been mentioned quite a few times on recent posts and its on discount at the halfords store.
    you get 27 speed as well as 120mm fork travel
  • Or the Scott Aspect 45
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  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    GT's prices are going up
    so id pick soon
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Kraken is pretty good, solid allrounder, the fork's just barely good enough to not be a problem, though certainly not great. Funnily enough the XCR always gets better reviews when it's attached to more expensive bikes :lol: But then suntours can be a bit variable. The Cannondale there's nice but comes with darts or dart 2s IIRC, which to me are either much less good (dart 1) or in the exact same "Not terrible, not good" ballpark (dart 2).I 'd probably still have chosen the Cannondale over my Kraken if it wasn't for the price, mine was cheap...

    Check out 08 Rockhoppers, the base model can be had for £350 from some places.
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  • I'd def go for the avalanche, forks with travel adjustment and lockout are very useful, the hydro's aren't bad either, my mums bike (which i ride to mates and back) have them and i can't fault them
  • JumanjiJumanji Posts: 25
    £449 will get you the Avalanche 1. 27 speed and hydraulic brakes. Big difference.
  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    Jumanji wrote:
    £449 will get you the Avalanche 1. 27 speed and hydraulic brakes. Big difference.
    Where have you seen the 1.0 for £449?
    As i thought it was £539 going upto £639
  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    never even knew they were doing a V brake version.
    Mind you we havent had any infomation on the 09 range.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Just a pity it doesn't have disc hubs, or would be a better buy than the standard disc version (ride, see how you get on, upgrade to better brakes if you want)
  • Spider987 wrote:
    Jumanji wrote:
    £449 will get you the Avalanche 1. 27 speed and hydraulic brakes. Big difference.
    Where have you seen the 1.0 for £449?
    As i thought it was £539 going upto £639

    To be fair £449 was for the 2008 model. Evans still have some. ... e-ec000669
  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780 ... yId_165499

    just to throw another option in...
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  • tvtv Posts: 337
    have a look at the marin northside trail!?
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  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Mongoose Amasa Comp 2008 from Evans and it comes with fork from the Avalanche 1.0, Suntour X100.
  • wow, thanks for all your replies! I'm going to evans this weekend, i'm sure i will be posting next week to let you know what i have gone for, maybe even a pic :D

    Here's to many more questions in the future :P :D:D

    Thanks again

  • uh oh!

    looks like this bike has thrown a spanner into my works!! ... ryId_16549

    The spec looks impressive, hydraulic brakes and better shocks? - whats the thoughts of the carrera vs gt vs cannondale??

    also, out of interest, any issues with halfords (vs evans cycles for example)?

    Halfords is actually a lot closer to me as well if i had 'early issues' with the bike.

    It didn't take me long to ask more questions did it!

    Again thanks in advance

  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Fury is a superbly specced bike. Test it out. No better fork on any bike at this price.
  • The Carrera is a decent speced bike to be fair but for me it's a no brainer. Evans are a bike shop they sell bikes. Halfords is a car shop who sell bikes.

    Who will give the better service? For me Evans wins hands down.

    All that said it's personal preferance and ultimately your choice.
  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    Hi isctony

    I'd agree with the post about Evans being a bike shop and Halfords being a car bits shop that has a bike section, so it would be worth going to your local Halfords (or more than one if you have the luxury of a couple in your vicinity and the time to do so) and chck them out to see if they have the bikes in stock, if yo can have a test ride, if they know what they are talking about

    however bear in mind that there are a few bikehut stores that are specifically bike only (I think they are all based in the london-ish area...) so you may get more more knowledgeable staff there....

    however there's no guarantee that your local bike shop or the Evans near you will have genius staff either.

    if you have someone who you know who is bike mad then they may go with yuou and be an extra pair of eyes...
    "I get paid to make other people suffer on my wheel, how good is that"
    --Jens Voight
  • Hi just seen your post I would go for the Commencal Combi Disc 2008 which is brilliant I have just taken up biking and I have been through everything and it has never failed good spec to. It can be had from Merlin cycles and there is one on Ebay at the moment.
    Good luck
    P :lol::lol:
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