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credit crunch trek vs s-works

philipwadephilipwade Posts: 3
edited October 2008 in MTB general
You know the conversation. You need to sell your bike, we are skint she says
OK i thorught. How do i go from a £4000 s-works stumpy 2008 to something cheeper and still be happy. The s-works was a great bike . So i did my home work and got a 2009 Trek EX8 in rootbeer. I got a cracking deal at the very helpfull bike fatory in chester. Off i went to Coed Llandegla Forest my local track, i do this about twice a week and know every bump and jump around it. After getting back to base with the lads, i was a very happy man. I went faster up hill, faster down hill and higher over the jumps. This bike is a perfect allround bike. This bike is £2300 cheeper than my old s-works, the only bit i dont like on it is the shifters (SLX) they feel spongey and cheep.
Dont think the most expencive bike will be the best thing for you. IT WONT>


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