Anyone use legwarmers

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...are they any good, do they pack up small enough for a rear pocket..which ones do you recommend?

...any help with this appreciated..


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    I've got DHB ones. They definitely fit in the pocket of my jersey.

    I like them, especially at this time of year. It's still too warm for my full roubaix lined tights, I just turn into a ball of sweat wearing them, but it's too cold for just shorts. Leg warmers are a great in between garment, especially as they can be taken off if you get too warm unlike lighter tights.

    The DHBs seem fine, but as they're the only set I've used I can't really offer a good comparison.
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    Also consider knee warmers and/or 3/4 length bottoms. I used to use leg warmers a lot, but now find I tend to transition via knee warmers (when I'm not quite sure) and 3/4s straight onto tights. If it's cold enough the 3/4s aren't enough it's cold enough for full-on tights, whilst the knee warmers take less pocket space than leg warmers.
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    Pretty much most club riders will be using them. I'm in my longs now though - I think the time for legs to be out has passed.

    Good for Spring and Autumn.
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    I use leg and arm warmers, but looking at the forcast for the next few days, that might be the last time I used them.
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    Yes they are very good, I use Castelli ones, and they do pack up to go in a back pocket no probs, they are made from lycra anyway...
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    I found they didn't go with the lycra..

  • I use my Assos leg warmers almost all through winter. The roubaix fabric is exceptional and so very warm.
  • Use Specialized ones (LBS stocked them).
    I would have perhaps preferred some 3/4 lengths but couldn't really afford any at the moment. Depending on how the weather goes will probably be in leg warmers until late November but then I'm down on the Devon/Cornwall border and it doesn't get too cold down here.
  • I use my Assos leg warmers almost all through winter. The roubaix fabric is exceptional and so very warm.

    Another vote for Assos legwarmers.

    Giordana kneewarmers are also good I've found. Sizing is critical for either leg or knee warmers so making sure your chosen brand fits well is important (ie buy different sizes online, keep the best fit and return the worst!)
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    I bought some Biemme ones for about a fiver as I decided cut and such weren't that important for leg warmers. Fine for occassional use and thats all they get really isn't it. I don't really see the point of shelling out a load of money on a pair of Assos legwarmers. I bought them at the same time as some Assos Uno shorts which I bought because its important to have a nice pair of shorts. Leg warmers don't matter so much imo.
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    After spending ages wearing shorts and tights with crappy pads (dhb etc), I got myself some Assos shorts this summer, and have been unable to go back to using the cheap pads, so I got some Endura legwarmers to enable me to wear my assos shorts longer into the winter.

    They are fine, I'm sure I could wear just the legwarmers and shorts all through winter without resorting to full tights. However I've also got myself some unpadded bibs to wear my shorts underneath.
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    Yes, DHB Rogates (better then the Earnley's) - split panels, nice cut, warm - work well.
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    I like the way assos are well made - but for my bum - I dont need the huuuge padding that they use. I have some B Twin longs for winter that have been ok so far.
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    A pair of Nike ones for me. They have been great so far (since last autumn and v.chilly starts in the morning) Quite good if you commute I guess because there's far less bulk than full bib shorts and I don't often need full shorts on the way home. They'll easily roll up into a ball for a back pocket. Just make sure they have those plastic 'grippers' on the top else you end up with all sorts of problems!
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  • I use exte ondo and all winter too. I find the knee warmers are fine all year round as they are not so restrictive as full legs. Assos 3/4s are a dream all year too. Just wear decent socks and it doesnt feel any different to me. I sometimes wear those waterproof MTB socks when its really horrid out.
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    I use them all the time in Spring & Autumn. I find them especially useful if my ride starts early or finishes late, as you can take them off or put them on as the temperature rises or falls.