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Having been an avid reader of this forum for a few months now I'm finally making my first post!
Now that its getting darker and the weather is getting worse im contemplating digging into the student loan and getting a turbo trainer. At the moment im thinking the Cycleops Magneto is a good choice. Does anyone have any experience with this trainer?
My main question though is do you also need accessories such as HR monitor or cadence meter to make a turbo trainer a worthwhile training tool?


  • Mister W
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    The most important things you'll need are some Spinerval DVDs. Training on a turbo is duller than a really dull thing without Coach Troy yelling at you. My bike computer shows cadence and speed from the rear wheel, which is pretty useful. An HRM can be useful but is not essential.
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    I would definitely get a hrm and pete reads blue book to train to. A little turbo goes a long way - but you do need guidance. Oh and good earphones to drown the sound of the turbo and keep you going.
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    A HRM, a Cateye Astrale (to measure rear wheel speed and cadence), a big fan and an ipod and you are good to go.

    Some kind of training plan is advisable as turbo-ing is pretty dull unless you have goals and a schedule to stick to.

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    the biggest fuck-off industrial fan you can afford!
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    I have recently bought a magneto. I got the full trainer set from wiggle which includes a mat, riser block, thong! and DVD. Good value I would say. It seems very well built and works very well. Was particularly impressed by the powerband technology that varies the resistance as you change gear. You can certainly work up a sweat on it!

    The riser block is worthwhile as it makes the bike level whoch means you can even sit up and read while cycling!
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    A house brick is much cheaper than a riser block! Failing that, a plank of wood or some old hardback books - if you're studying, there should be plenty of those to loan out from the library !

    Agree that turboing is dull as dishwater.
    HRM I found very useful, as you can play heart rates, changing up/down for intervals, as well as ensuring you don't drift off to sleep!
    Video training sounds ideal.
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    Things you need apart from a turbo and a bike

    Training DVD - I have this http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=32_126&products_id=761 which I bought for £1 in the summer (not anymore it ain't - they've seen the weather outside!) Thinking about the Carmichael set as well
    Gloves (to stop the sweaty palms) and normal padded shorts, jersey etc
    Water bottle and drink
    PC (for the DVD)
    Bike Computer for HRM, speed and Cadence is nice, but not essential (I have a garmin which is fine)
    An understanding partner / housemate
    Somewhere you don't mind getting sweaty - windows open or a fan can annoy (see above)

    I also have a climbing block, which was pretty cheap and is much more stable than a brick, though less hardcore :wink:
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  • Brilliant thanks for the advice guys