Dura Ace 10-speed Cassette

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I need a new shimano 10-speed cassette and wanted to get 11-21. There's no such product in the Ultegra range, but there is in the Dura Ace.

Do you have to use a Shimano Dura Ace chain (Super Narrow) with DA cassettes or would my usual KMC 10-speed chains be compatible?


  • ACMadone
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    Hi Genki

    What cassette are you currently using? Ultegra? There shouldn't be any issues using your KMC chain with a Dura Ace cassette.
  • genki
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    Yes, I've got an ultegra cassette. But looking at shimano's website it says use the narrow 10sp DA chain in the info for DA cassettes, and doesn't specify a narrow chain for Ultegra cassettes. That got me wondering if there was any reason.
  • KMC 10 speed is even smoother than D/A chain on a D/A cassette
  • genki
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    Thanks. 11-21 ordered now.