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I have brought some windproof overshoes, but i find that the front underside of the cover s catch in the pedals when i clip in. They are right up against the cleats. Does anyone know of a way to avoid this other than not using them. I can see them wearing out very quickly like this.



  • hopper1
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    What make/ model are they?
    Are they the correct size for your shoes?
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    hi - dunno if this helps but.. I have size 44 shimano shoes (M470? is tthat right?) and neoprene endura road overshoes and the two work fine together, toasty warm and dry also....
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  • damptw
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    Thanks, i think it is because i am using spd-sl cleats, they are much larger, i didnt have this problem with spd cleats. I think i will just have to put up with it.
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    You may be able to rearrange the fit when you put your covers on - you dont want your shoe covers caught in the pedals - you may get stuck in the pedal - ow !
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    I have SPD-SL cleats and Pro NTU+ covers, no problems....So far!
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