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NS bike frames any good??

TurricanTurrican Posts: 755
edited October 2008 in MTB buying advice
Hi all, i was looking at some frames and came across the NS Surge bike frame for freeriding, are they any good?, what they like to ride, has anyone ridden one / got one?, are they steel frames im not really sure doesnt say nought, if so what are steel frames like compared to alloy ones, i mean in ability and handling wise and how they feel etc.
I have also looked at the DMR axalt frame what are they like ,any one got one of these too.
like em cause can put a 160mm travel fork on em :D
any info on these be great help as im looking to build / start second bike
I don't have a bike addiction problem.....bikes seems to have a problem with just can't seem to stay on.


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