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cheap socks.....

scazzerscazzer Posts: 254
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Been after some new socks and hate the thought of paying £10 or more for 1 pair :oops:
so thought id let forum know were to get some if ur on a bit of budget.......
Im in the NW and went to a place called Go Outdoors,big camping retailer mostly,but not sure if they are country wide :?
so anyway bought some of there own brand socks which are very comfortable to wear and are on offer for £3 a pair BARGAIN :D.I went to Wigan shop and they had loads available in the baskets....


  • Are they waterproof, or just cycling specific sports socks?

    I've got a few pairs of Aldi special cycling socks (or might be lidl, I can't remember!) which were about £3 a pair, they have arch supports and are foot specific - they have an L and an R written on them. Seem really good, comfortable and don't move around.
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  • scazzerscazzer Posts: 254
    No they are not waterproof,the packaging describes them as-Coolmax Trail Walking Sock,
    but i always imagined walking socks to come upto ur knees but these come about 3" above ankle.

    Used a pair for a ride over w/end and felt great but how long they last i shall see :lol:
    but i will av a look in Aldi aswell cos for those prices u can never av too many :wink:
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