Lazer Genesis users and sizing

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Anyone out there use one of these helmets. And what size do you use. I am really looking forward to a change from the usual suspects (Bell, Giro, Specialized) all great products but just want a change. The aforementioned helmets all supply in 3 sizes (S,M,L). However the European type lids often supply in 2 sizes, for example the Lazer is in XXS-M 52-57cms , M-XL 58-61 cms. I am definately going to get one of the Genesis helmets coz i think they look the best. and I know the best advice is to try them on, So I travelled some distance to my local supplier and did. Guess what I could adjust the size on both sizes to fit ! So I ended up walking out indecisive about which one to get ! I measured my head as you are supposed to do and its 57 cms which is right on the upper end of the the small size. I always used a Medium Bell, Giro and Specialized which are 55-59cms so I am bang in the middle of that range. So for those like me who are a bit between sizes which did you get ?



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    bear in mind that you may well want to wear a skull cap under it in the rain or middle of winter. So whatever you buy needs to fit your head and head+cap - if the small only just fits your head then the larger one will allow this.
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