Shimano 105 rear hanger break

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I was riding home on Weds evening on a month old Genesis Day 02 - along Constitution Hill towards Hyde Park Corner - as I got to the end and was easing up I knocked the gears down at the back and there was a loud crunching and the back wheel stopped.
The rear hanger was snapped across where the screw goes through.
Repaired under warranty and what have so no issue there but has anyone heard of this before? I've had shimano 105 for years and never seen anything like this.
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  • robbarker
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    Hangers are attached to the frame and are not related to the component group.
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    The vast majority of hanger / rear mech failures are due to impact damage rather than a genuine flaw / design fault - they are in fact designed to break rather than causing your frame to bend - that's why they're replaceable.
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    Rob beat me to it.

    Did your mech go into the spokes ?