Cross Bike Build. Advice Please

veloce Ti
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Any advice with the following would be much appreciated.

I'm going to be building a cross bike based around a dolan frameset,
It will be a multi purpose bike, used for winter commuting, touring, a bit of cross racing to form part of my winter training for next years TT'ing.

My questions are,
I am thinking of using a 105 10 speed compact chain set, is 10 speed drive train up to the riguers of cross racing, or would 9 speed be a better option ?

Can anybody recommend a good set of cantilever brakes, or would i be better going the cable disc route ?

Which wheels do people recommend if i went the disc route, if i stick to canti's i have an old set of kysiriums i presume these would be ok.
Any other advice more than welcome, in fact the more the merrier,


  • ride_whenever
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    10 speed will be fine for CX, some people run 10 speed on MTBs.

    I'd look into v-brakes with a pull adjuster.
  • Monty Dog
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    10 speed drivetrain will be fine for cross. Disc brakes are a fairly fundamental choice - does the frame and forks accept them as not all do. As far as disc wheels - Chain Reaction do some FSA 700c disc wheels at a good price, discs are heavier but provide awesome stopping power. Vees are useless for cross - go for cantis if going anywhere near mud - Frog Legs cantis are popular because of the big clearances
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..