Turbo Trainer - Advice Please

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Evening all. I'm looking for some advice regarding a turbo trainer.
It will be used reasonably often, both for longer rides and with some hard out of the saddle sprints. I'll be using it in my shed so keeping noise down isn't so much of an issue.

Basically I'm looking for one with a good selection of resistance settings, can handle sprint work and is durable.
Looking at keeping to a budget of around £110.

Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated.


  • sicrow
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    I paid £100 for a trax sirius soft gel - seems to tick all the boxes youre looking for - you can get them from Wiggle, Chain reaction etc etc
  • Gist magnetic trainer from Chain Reaction Cycles. £94. Gets very good review in Cycling Plus. Collecting mine tomorrow.
  • tri-mad
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    I've got two!

    Well my wife got one and I've got one - how romantic eh???

    I opted for the Tacx Satori High Power Folding Magnetic Trainer, however I bought my wife the cheaper Tacx Sirius Soft Gel Folding Magnetic Trainer and to be honest - I can't work out the difference - other than appearance? I'd personnaly buy the cheaper version - we bought ours from www.thebikemarket.com - we got a 15% discount from our club - so it was a bargin.

    Both are really good!

    Get yourself some DVD's and a portable TV/DVD player for your shed and you'll be away.

    Personnally I find the Michael Carmechael (Spelling???) very poor - however the Spinnerval DVD's are very good.
  • Ramanujan
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    Kurt Kinetic from Planet X
    Very well made a durable.
    Also for £25 on top, you get a useful speedo/power meter to track your gains.