misalligned wheel - can't work out why

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Someone has pointed out to me something I should already have noticed. The front wheel of my old tourer is not sitting centrally in the forks. It is visibly sitting to one side, so I can easily get my thumb between rim and fork one side, but can't get a finger into the small gap on the other. Spinning the wheel makes no difference.

I don't think the axle is misalligned in the dropouts - but I suppose I could check again.

I wondered if I had reassembled the spacers wrong, so I tested this idea by removing the wheel and reversing it in the forks. It is still off-centre towards the same side.

Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong? Or could the forks be twisted? The bike is nearly 25 years old, but I have never crashed it.


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    Misaligned forks. Simple to fix on steel forks for an LBS with the right tool.
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    fit the wheel the other way round.

    is the wheel rim in the same place? if yes it is the fork.

    If no the wheel needs redishing.
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  • Cheers, it must be the steel forks, so LBS job.

    Thanks for the replies.