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Look KEO pedal recall ?

andylavandylav Posts: 308
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Has anyone found a local dealer who has taken receipt of the replacement axles for the Look KEO pedal recall yet ?

Fisher had previously advised that axles and tools would be with dealers by end August but despite a formal notice being carried in Cycling Weekly last week, my LBS still hasn't heard anything or received any axles or instructions from Fisher.

Just wondering if this is an isolated experience or not as I have three pairs of pedals that I can't use or sell on at the moment.


  • Al_38Al_38 Posts: 277
    Yep same here, spoke to my LBS who stock quite a few sets of Look pedals and it seemed to be the first they had heard of it. My opinion is that if the pedal axle hasn't snapped then it will probably be fine to ride on for a few weeks. Might be a different story if the bearings feel loose though. AFAIK the recall was because a couple of riders snapped the axles in the states.

  • 'ello 'ello 'ello! What's going on 'ere then?

    I haven't herd about axel's going. I've got Keo classics. Is there something I should know?

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  • It wasn't just the states where people snapped them.I was unfortunate to snap mine coming down heavily.A mate of mine from another forum got them exchanged for me, after I had emailed fisher.I waited quite awhile but they were upgraded to titanium ones,again through my mate.So be careful as mine weren't that old when they snapped.
  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396
    Ron Spencer in Warrington are my local Look dealer and (I think it was Ron himself) said he'd never heard anything about it and that he wouldn't touch it unless I could produce proof-of-purchase to say I'd bought them from there, even though Look/Fisher say take to any dealer and get it done as FOC warranty issue.

    Very helpful.
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