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Rims and Tyres

alex9106alex9106 Posts: 77
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Hi ive been looking to buy the Carrera Fury 2008 and ive been doing some research and i have found some info about it, People say the rims arent good, ive never actually modified a bike but i would like some suggestions on rims and tyres to replace the stock Carrera Fury 2008 ones.

Thanks Alex..
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    dont worry about them they will be fine until you kill them. (which may be never).

    If you are thinking about changing them before you even have the bike you are not buying the right bike.
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  • for wheels (best to get as a package)

    719 on either xt hubs or hope pro II with dt double butted spokes from merlin cycles.


    I'm a fan of the panaracer rampage/razer MX combination.
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