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Windproof Jacket

dave_ocdave_oc Posts: 46
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Could someone recommend a decent windproof jacket that would be good for commuting and longer rides through Winter? I want something that's pretty lightweight and breathable, so probably not a waterproof? Budget up to £100 but preferably less!

Cheers, Dave


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Gore Phantom
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    One of the best all round jackets is the Gore Tool - Evans Cycles have them on sale at the moment - loads of pockets and pretty warm too so the pit zips come in useful.
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  • Castelli Solo, a tad over budget but heavily reduced on Wiggle. I have one of these and it is fab.
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  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    I have one of these in red; ... acket.html

    Very expensive, deeply unfashionable but fantastic comfort and performance. It's basically cotton woven so finely and tightly that it's waterproof.
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,666
    I have a Gore Phanton for winter, and the zip off sleeves make it really useful for colder days in the year. Very breathable

    I have a Montane Featherlite to take everywhere (fits in a back pocket) for cold snaps or showers. Again, very breathable but not waterproof.

    The Endura Rebound is a great fit too, breathable, and more durable than the featherlite but less portable.
  • Anything made from Gore Windstopper , with different base layers to suit the temperature .
  • dave_ocdave_oc Posts: 46
    Thanks for your comments guys.

    I was tending towards the Gore Phantom which still sounds like a good choice although the Ground Effect top looks good too - I've got a Flash Gordon already which is a great waterproof. Will definitely go for one of these 2.
    Thanks again!
  • DLemonDLemon Posts: 18
    I bought a blue windproof jersey/jacket from Aldi about this tim last year for about £14, and with a long sleeved base layer, or extra base layer this was great. Look out to see if they do somthing similar this year. Just bought an Altura NIght Vision windproof jacket. Again this is good as it is a soft fabric with a windproof membrane built into the front and arms with loads of reflectives. Available in yellow or black from Ribble at about £40 I think. Also there is one without all the reflective stuff.
  • mackdaddymackdaddy Posts: 310
    Second the Altura Night Vision windproof. Two birds with one stone I think.
  • I've got a Pro Bike Kit team winter jacket:-

    Great value for the cash and it's a top quality bit of kit. Waterproof, breathable and windproof.

    Might be a bit "too much" for those who don't like logo's on their kit, but I like it. 8)
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  • morrisjemorrisje Posts: 507
    This guy has a few good Exteondo jackets. I've just bought one. ... 911.c0.m14
  • Ken NightKen Night Posts: 2,005
    Castelli Solo, a tad over budget but heavily reduced on Wiggle. I have one of these and it is fab.

    I just bought the Castelli Spunto-on the basis I have the Assos Intermediate, and wanted something a little warmer.

    I'm disappointed in the fit, especially as my mate bought the last Castelli Volo jacket in the country, and that fits me perfectly.

    I'll be sending the jacket back, Monday. This leaves me in a dilemma-I like the idea of a soft shell-the Stealth I tried didn't breathe well (it was a warmish autumn day, I'll grant)

    Should I get a shell like the Solo, and wear a jersey underneath?

    What's really to recommend it jashburnham?
    Other jackets on my list are Gore Phantom and Gore Tool,
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  • woody-somwoody-som Posts: 1,001
    not sure about windproof, anyone know of a thermal or heating jacket, too cold to go out at the moment and I could do with some extra warmth.

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    There's only one windproof jacket for this time of year and thats the Assos 851 Airjack. Expensive but very much worth it. But a little like Castelli, the fit has to be right. ALWAYS try before you buy.
  • ScottiePScottieP Posts: 599
    Cycle Surgery are doing the Gore Phantom for £70 which is a good saving. Hopefully mine will arrive on Monday!

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  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    Check this [url=o]o ... dex.aspxut[/url]

    The blurb says not waterproof but it is as near as, even in prolonged heavy downpours. I swear by mine in yellow only ever use a base layer underneath.

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