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I've got a lot of components lying around and decided I want to add a workhorse type training bike to my collection that I'll be happy to ride but not afraid to get dirty. Groupset will be mostly 105 but I'm a bit stuck with which frame to get. Don't want to spend too much so 300-400 ideally for frame and fork. I've already got a Specialized best bike and Giant commuter and would really like something a bit less common.

Don't need mudguard clearence so the racier the better.

I've looked at the Kinesis RC2 over on fatbirds but the geometry doesn't look right to me and the KIC2 is a bit pricey.

While there I noticed the Cinelli Xperience which I still like and is a good package but I'm worried about quality.

The Bottecchia Raptor looks spot on for geometry but I'm wondering is really worth the extra money over the Bottecchia S200 which looks fantastic for the price but surely must be rubbish as a result?

Last option is a bottom of the range Somec Atom which I love the look of but by this point I'm so confused I don't know what I want anymore.

Anyone help?


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    If I were you - I'd go for one with guards. Otherwise you may as well just ride your normal bike ? There wont be much differentiation between your best bike and your training bike ?
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    I love my Specialized and it breaks my heart to see it covered in mud and crap from the lanes around here. Plus I've spent a fair bit souping it up I really want to keep it for best.

    The Giant I have is on the other end of the spectrum. Don't really like riding it but it has full guards so it gets taken to work and goes out on the worst days.

    I've convinced myself that a third bike is necessary to fill the void between these two :)
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    I've looked at the Kinesis RC2 over on fatbirds but the geometry doesn't look right to me and the KIC2 is a bit pricey.

    Merlin have the KiC2 including fork and headset for £375 at the moment, right in your budget, which is a proper bargain assuming you fit one of the 2 sizes they have remaining. Fantastic frames too, I love mine and I think you would struggle to get better for that price.
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    Absolutely cracking thanks System. Just so happens that I fit a 56 top tube and I even like the silver.

    E-beers are on me.
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    Just to update I got the frame and it's all built up now.

    Unfortunately I managed to crash it on a tricky descent less than 12 hours after I finished working on it, bending the dropout and putting a few scratches on it. Bike shop fixed it up and it was back into action the next day and I really enjoyed riding it. Feels very light and responsive and comfortable to ride. Pic doesn't do it justice but thought I better get one in before I trash it again.