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Sunday riders

Mark AlexanderMark Alexander Posts: 2,277
edited September 2008 in The bottom bracket
What a lovely day today
a nice chilled out ride along the river. aaaahhhh!

You've all herd about 'Sunday drivers' who go slowly every where, well I had slow, inconsiderate, 'Sunday cyclist' problems getting in my way all way to work and I wasn't pushing at all.

10TT 24:36 25TT: 57:59 50TT: 2:08:11, 100TT: 4:30:05 12hr 204.... unfinished business


  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    Yep, been there. Its the same at the beginning of summer when newbies get bikes and ride at about 2mph. :lol:

    Everyones got to start somewhere though. And i'd rather we all went slow than raced to our deaths, lol.
  • You're right, it's great to see that the Taff Trail's being used. I have never seen it that busy at any point. What with families cycling, people walking and of course sexy students running/cycling :D

    10TT 24:36 25TT: 57:59 50TT: 2:08:11, 100TT: 4:30:05 12hr 204.... unfinished business
  • The Chilterns were buzzing with cyclists. At various points on my route I found myself sharing the road with Audax riders, a large bunch of large charadee cyclists and 2 different bunches from local clubs. Loads of casual riders, horsey girls and walkers too.

    I suspect everyone knew this weeked was the last of the summer and just wanted to make the most of it. I certainly foud myself thinking it was the last time for a while that I'd be on some of the rougher lanes.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Rather see lots of 'sunday' riders tha cars out there. No problem with them riding slow, the more we have out there the better.

    Lots out on the roads today whilst I was out with the club, most of them riding faily well and enjoying the sunshine. So were we until we got to Holt and the rain came down! Most of us without any protection suffered the wet, but it wasn't helped when one of the group punctured and we had to stand out in the rain whilst he changed tubes.
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