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A polite request

badbloodbadblood Posts: 86
edited October 2008 in The Crudcatcher
Please follow this link and vote for Holly in the Battle front campaign. It would mean a great deal to me and other kidney patients across the UK.

You never know it may help me and all of the other patients get the transplant we need so please, follow the link and vote. You do not need to sign up to anything, just vote. You never know, it may just change a few lives for the better.

It would be great if you could vote for Holly at the below address. Channel 4 are going to pick the most popular campaign to go through to their final group, with their favourite ones being featured on the Battlefront TV programme.

To vote all you have to do is visit the website above and click on "Vote". That's it! No need to register or anything else!


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