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Pedals and cleats Q.

GrahamGilloolyGrahamGillooly Posts: 66
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Abit of a begginer question here..
Just bought new pedals and shoes, but when i clip in my foot is free to move around alittle..

It's not the cleat moving in the shoe, but the cleat moving inside the pedal..

Do i just need to adjust the tension of the spring until it's tight?



  • Which pedals are they?

    Some pedals are intentionally designed to float laterally around an axis. This saves your knees from damage... but you can usually pick up fixed cleats...

    Adjusting the spring tension usually justs changes the release 'pressure' doesn't it? :?
    (I don't really know because I use speedplay pedals which aren't adjustable)
  • They are Look Keo Classics..

    I thought that the float was how much you could move the cleat around after inserting the bolts, then when you were happy tighten it finally?

    Yeah, i think so, but they go in and out really easily..
    That's what makes me think i need to tighten that up, and that might also stop the 'play'..

    I'll turn it alittle and see what happens thismorning..

  • it's float too, if you want them tighter then by all means increase the tension, but there will always be a bit of float, float is no substitute for well set up cleats though
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    I only use SPD's they have 5 degrees of float, some pedals have more or less, and some pedal designs mean that the amount of float is dependent on the type of cleat. Anyway on SPD's the float is just right, your foot / ankle / knee etc are not going to operate like a close tolerance engineered piston, there will be some twisting and rotation at various points through the stroke and float allows this to happen. If you have no float it will work but your joints will be forced to take some unnatural movements. That said, I don't notice the float at all, so maybe if it is a lot, or troublesome, it may be a feature of your pedals and cleats or there is something wrong. Again, as Synchro suggests, tightening the release tension soes just that, it doesn't reduce float, at least not on SPD's.

    Are you sure the cleats are fully tightened? They may not move by hand but under pedalling loads may do so - that's a long shot though.
  • Cheers for the advice guys!
    Got it sorted now, adjusted the release tension and that has done the job..
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