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    +1 for cycling buddies section

    FWIW - I don't see the problem with the number of sections? There's a search function :D

    It's great to be .....
  • Actually forgot about that......

    +2 for buddies :)
  • andy_wrx wrote:

    Yes please merge Women's Racing into Racing, agree with the points above, it is discrimatory at the moment.

    As a noob - it is a little confusing - for example questions about womens saddles could go in 3 diffrent places; Beginers, Gear and there is currently one in Womens racing (although i proably would have guessed at one of the other 2)

    I'm more on the side of women being an intergrated part of the community - but would be willing to bow down to the opinions of women racers and fans of.

    The one thing the site could do to make it more freindly to me as a girl, and i know this ins't the forums, is to let you filter gear by sex. As a noob i was in particular intrested in reading reviews for womens shorts, but found having to wade through the many many reviews for guys shorts too much of a pain.
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    nicklouse wrote:

    we have taken some of these ideas and will put some ideas out there in the next few days.

    Is anything actually going to get done Nick, do you know?
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