Ideal Winter Bike Spec

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I want to get a winter bike for day rides, training and some commuting and wondered what people thought was a good sensible spec.

In particular frame material and what level of components/chainset people think is the most durable? Is say 105 more durable than Ultegra in Shmano land?



  • I am just building up a new winter/trainer to take over from my Carrera Vanquish.

    I have base mine around a Ribble frame, mostly 105 but with Ultegra SL Front/Rear Deraliers. (They were cheaper than the 105?!) Fitted with Askiums it is shaping up to be a fairly nice bike although come the summer I guess I will change to a lighter frame.

    So far I have spent around £400 (+£100 for the wheels as I had them already from another bike) which I think is a reasonable amount for such a bike. It has carbon forks and seatpost.

    I would stick to steel/alu for the frame personally.
  • ultegra is pretty durable now but its not necessary. 105 is good quality stuff and isnt pig iron heavy crap like tiagra and sora. Id agree on alu as a frame material(if you like its 'feel'). I have a carbon seatpost and fork on my winter hack for comfort.