wheelset upgrade for full alu winter bike

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As I only have the one bike at the mo (saving for a full CF beast in the spring!), my full alu will become my winter bike. i'm getting a turbo and couldn't be arsed finding a cheapo rear wheel for the turbo tyre so will upgrade and use my 6year old battered mavic cxp21s (on sora hubs) on the turbo.
Have the usual three suspects so far:
Fulcrum 7's from Wiggle £108
Mavic Aksiums from Ribble £117 (any idea why silver are cheaper than black?)
and shimano RS20 from Ebay/Ribble £105-110

Will be going on full alu so alot of road buzz, on ok-ish roads, throughout the winter and 80kg rider
Any preferences or other suggestions for around 100 nicker?
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    Go for the Aksiums, especially if they are 2008's. Lighter than last years, have heard really bad reviews about the Fulcrums - can't comment about the Shimano's though.
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    Yeti575 wrote:
    have heard really bad reviews about the Fulcrums

    Weird, I've never heard anything but positive reviews.......
    I like bikes...

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    Depends where you look I suppose mate. I only look at on-line shops so go off what folk say who have bought them, I'd rather do that than look at reviews from mags who have had the wheels given for nowt!

    Saying that, I'll never profess to be an expert but just thought I'd put my two penneth worth in!
    If it's not a Yeti, it's not worth riding!
  • got some fulcrum 7's here still pritty new, and haven't got used much, but so far every ride has been fairly hard, rain/small lanes etc, no problems at all, and i'm a fairly heavy bloke.

    so far i like the wheels, even like the noise!
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    Go for something nice and handbuilt and strong and light and ......... well that's what I would do.
  • I commute 50 miles a day and have fulcrum 7's to get me there and back.

    rims are virtually bullet proof but I think the hubs are shockingly poor.

    I'd recommend getting some Ultegra hubs, Mavic CXP22/33 with DT DB spokes - needless to say thats what I'll be going for in the non too distant

    I have a theory that the poor hubs are good training and I shoud live with it - on the other hand.. new wheels :)
  • Now have a 15% discount voucher for ribble so now looking at their handbuilts aswell, as aksiums, (ribble don't do fulcrums and RS20's have a decidedly low number of spokes). Looking at tiagra/ 105 hubs (bikes only got tiagra on it) with cxp22/33 or open pros.
    ho-hum, decisions decisions!!
    How long do Ribble handbuilts take? anybody any experience?
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