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Need help and adivce on ideas for Young Enterprise

howsmyriding27howsmyriding27 Posts: 266
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Hi - I have joined the young enterprise at school, but we need to get some ideas of products that we can sell at school events or elsewhere. Does anyone have any recommendations of what has worked before, or what would work?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  • fabienno1fabienno1 Posts: 406
    I have no idea how difficult this is but some members of the Young enterprise at my school had t-shirts printed saying stuff like How big is yours? It was relating to carbon footprints, they had other designs as well in fact I think they still sell them. Failing that, do something connected with saving energy so promo stuff like pens, pencils printed. Anything really.

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  • A bike that is lite enough for a road race, strong enough for hucking, folds like a brompton, is as reliable as the pope wearing a silly hat, looks like the dogs b*llocks and costs the same as a appollo sommin-or-other. think you can manage that?!?

    also it hust have the horn off a ferry on it to get rid of those pesky old ppl on my school run!
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  • not being funny but a cake stall always works well at our school - make it a big deal though witha theme and stuff - maybe a competetion involved with the best cakes etc.!

    have fun

  • My (winning) group a couple of years ago bought some cheap glass clip frames on special offer from Wilkinsons. We then got glass paint and painted a frame onto the glass and added some coloured paper behind it to make it look attractive. You could do some funky generic designs that everyone likes for selling on your stall, or take orders for colours/designs etc. We even did a gift wrap service on the day.

    I think we bought the frames for about 40p each (as they were on offer). The paints initially were quite expensive (about £1-20 a pot). But the cost of these spread out between each frame was quite low.

    You need to take care of the paints and brushes, making sure you wash them with white spirit or something similar, and definately don't get the paint on your clothes!

    Hope this helps!
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