Winter Gloves

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Anyone know any decent brands.

I've had a couple of pairs of Gore gloves in the £20-30 range and they're useless when the temerperate is <2-3 degrees. After a couple of miles my fingers freeze and it's extrememly painful.

I've tried glove liners underneath but they make sod all difference, I don't mind spending good money as long as they work!



  • If your hands are that bad, would suggest you try some Mountain Equipment Dri-lites. They are walking gloves but would be ok on the bike. Great gloves!
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    I bought a pair of Aldi cycling gloves a couple of weeks ago. Only 4 quid and kept my hands nice and warm during the morning commute at 4 degrees this week. Nice long cuff too which you can tuck up your winter jersey/jacket which is something that the North Face gloves I've been using didn't have. Not tried them in the wet yet, but at 4's a bargain!
  • cheers i'll check them out.

    £4 though I have to admit to being skeptical
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    My cycling wardrobe extends from Assos and Rapha down to Aldi in terms of price and brand 'prestige'. For a 10 hour 220km sportive, or a 6 hour training ride in the Alps, the extra price for the cut, fit, comfort and quality of materials that the premium brands provide, are in my opinion worth it, but for the commute to work it is not worth it.

    I only plumped for the gloves because at 4 quid, even if they weren't waterproof, they looked like they would be OK for the autumn mornings. They fit well and have sufficient padding. A work colleague bought a pair of the Aldi tights and reckons they're pretty comfy too, and for less than 15 quid, for a 25 minute commute they'll do the job. I reckon the gloves will be ok down to freezing, or just below if they stay dry.

    Like I said in my first post, I had been using a pair of North Face gloves that were around 50 quid and designed for Ice Climbing. In the depths of a Swiss winter...minus 7, my hands were frozen within 10 mins due to the 30km/h wind-chill effect of cycling at that speed (-7 feels like -16 degrees ... hart_e.cfm ). I doubt all but the thickest of gloves designed for polar adventurers will stand up against that!!

    Give them a go, what have you really got to lose?!
  • specialized deflect , not waterproof but excetionally warm all year. Snip at £25.
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    dave milne wrote:
    cheers i'll check them out.

    £4 though I have to admit to being skeptical
    I bought a pair on Monday. I haven't used them on the bike yet but they look good quality, comfortable to wear and better than a lot of gloves I've seen at five times the price.
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    When it gets really cold I bung a pair of these on - cheap and very warm : ... =&PT_ID=73
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    brownbosh wrote:
    specialized deflect
    You wear Deflects even in the depth of winter? God I'm such a sissy :oops:. Notoriously poor circulation on my dad's side of the family but I only found them good for Autumn and Spring. I had to invest in something thicker. Got a pair of Spesh Radiants in the Edinburgh Co-op sale last year. They're toasty warm and waterproof but a bit too thick/clumsy.

    Ruined my Deflects last week when the chain jumped into the spokes - no touching white bar tape with those again - and have just ordered a pair of Assos 851 Early Winter gloves as replacements.
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    if its cold but dry i use my tesco cheapy fleece gloves there really warm tried gore ones myself and the were not too good bought some aldi w/proof socks and theyre are the dogs doodars so buying expensive stuff aint all that
    cheesy quaver
  • Neoprene gloves, even ones designed as wetsuit gloves. Windproof, very water resistant and warm, can pick em up from a tenner too
  • I second the Aldi gloves at £4. Very good value and pretty warm.
    When it gets very cold I will put a pair of thermal gloves I use for running underneath (Ron Hill)

    FCN is minimal as I don't see many bikes on the way to work
  • thanks for all the info. At £4 I have to give the aldi ones a go
  • specialized deflect , not waterproof but excetionally warm all year. Snip at £25.

    agreed re the warmth - toasty all year round. But the padding is lousy..
  • Beware of what you buy as I got a pair of gloves last year from either aldi or lidl they looked quite good were quite warm and very waterproof from the inside out.My hands were soaking wet on a damp ride but the gloves held the water on the inside till I rung them out soaking my mate behind me.
    I use Altura now and found them fine.
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    The Aldi gloves are great, far better in terms of quality than the £45 Assos ones they replaced.I don't know about the rest of you but I find Assos gloves to be c*ap(I have tried four pairs!!!)
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    Have you tried gloves with windstopper fabric? I find that helps a lot. I've tried the Aldi gloves. They were ok for a commute, but not for longer road rides. I have a pair of Biemme winter gloves from Decathlon that I like a lot. Ski gloves work well in the very coldest weather. I get cold hands and feet eventually anyway. I've found keeping my core toasty helps a bit.
  • ... |user||14|

    These are superb - the windstopper fabric keeps your hands warm in all but the coldest and wettest conditions, but you have full dexterity and they're really comfortable. On the really bad days, you need something fully waterproof with more paddingg.
  • I wear a pair of Berghaus Polertec Extrem liner gloves under my normal mitts. I used these all of last winter and there great. I've tried various different winter gloves, but alway thought they felt "fat" and that I was losing the feeling of the road (if you know what I'm on about) The Berghaus liners are really thin so you don't have that problem.
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    We're all wrong - clearly we need these :
  • cougie wrote:
    We're all wrong - clearly we need these :

    lol, they look fantastic