Do helmets have an expiry date?

Ed McC
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I have had my helmet for several years now. Do they have an expiry date? I know hard hats used on building sites do.


  • Bugly
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    yep they do, the foam breaks down under over time
  • Ed McC
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    Bugly wrote:
    yep they do, the foam breaks down under over time

    Is there any guidelines as to after how many years should they be replaced?
  • I've heard 2 years mentioned, but I'm convinced that's a 'sell more helmets' thing ;)
  • 2 years?? :shock:

    Mine is 11 years old...
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  • Normally the expiry date is before you buy them - so don't use a helmet
  • If it's 11 years old, I'm not sure about a 'best before end' date but I'll bet today's helmets are better than the ones 11 years ago.

    Of course there will be those who'll post none are worth it and they're worse than nothing.

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  • cougie
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    Mine seem to have a date manufactured label on them, and they can be a year or so old before you even buy them - so 2 years is a silly length of time.

    I think I've seen 4 or 5 years mentioned elsewhere - that seems to be about right - and you'll probably fancy a change after 5 years anyway ?
  • Monty Dog
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    Many manufactuers crash replacement policies expire after 2-3 years - the integrity of the helmet depends on a number of factors - exposure to UV and heat, sweat and general useage, which is why they don't have an infinite life. I normally replace mine after about 4-5 years, or sooner if it gets crashed.
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  • mr_hippo
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    IIRC, Giro recommend changing every 3 years but if you have been involved in an accident and your helmet is just scratched then replace it. Your LBS sells helmets but not replacement heads!