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Hi all,
I have just taken receipt of a P2D.
I have got the 4 different light values to work by the "soft button" but which/where is the bezel to access the "turbo" mode? Everytime I turn anything I end up with the torch in bits.

Also, anyone know where I can buy the rechargeable Lithium RCR123 3V (900Mah)batteries from as I suspect that the supplied non-rechargeable lithium will not last very long. Fenix themselves only sell a pack (charger plus 4 batteries) which is a bit overkill and expensive for me atm.
Yes I know I could buy another P2D and make the purchase more bearable but i want to find out just how good the light is first before I buy a 2nd one.

Am also beginning to wonder if buying a Fenix (such as the L2D) that just uses ordinary rechargeable would have been a better option.

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    Turn the front bezel (by the bulb) anticlockwise (with the bulb pointing away from you) for turbo mode, assuming it's the same as an L2D. L2Ds are lovely by the way. ;)
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    Take the torch and look at it front-on. Turn the bezel (the frontmost part of the torch) as far as it will go clockwise, then back it off one half turn anticlockwise

    Press the button three times slowly until it is max mode, then twist the bezel clockwise to get to turbo mode.

    Rechargeable CR123s are available from fenixtorch.co.uk.
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    I chose the L2D CE Q5 because I wanted conventional AA's. Whilst there may be slight advantages with smaller size and greater output with the P2D the versatility of the L2 made it the best choice for me. Doc (of Glowgadgets) himself recently said he is only going to bother with AA or AAA powered lights now. I get 2900mah AA's for less than £5 for 4 from Vapextech and can easily take enough for a week tour without recharging. They also sell a very good smart charger for £14.