Opinion on new bike purchase & current

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Bought a full suss about 3 months ago deciding that I was hoping to spend the majority of time off road and only really knowing Marin and Orange as good solid brands.

After purchase I started spending a lot of time on here and with changes in my circumstances and opinions of others on other topics i'm struggling to make my mind up on how to progress.

3 months ago:
Work full time, company car etc. Purchased a Marin full suspension for road and off-road recreational use. Finding most of my riding is on the road getting to the trails and back.

Quit full time job to start Uni, working part time which I sometimes cycle (all road, hard hills both ways so it's a tough ride) and recreational use as before.

Space has been an issue as my bike is always in the way, regardless of what room in the house but planning on putting up some hooks or maybe outside bike storage.

Given my original purchase and my lack of knowledge at the time, should I purchase a basic (ish) hardtale (Avalanch?) for work and some recreational and keep the Marin, would you stick with just the Marin or would you get rid and buy a better hardtale?
Is the rear suspension making the work run a ton more difficult than it should be (it's tough!) and leaving me tired before i even reach the trails.

I love the full suspension frame and upgrade potential but find myself constantly wondering if rear suspension is too much for what I need as my off road ventures so far have been fine with my friend who is only on a hardtale.

What would you do?

Thanks for your input :-)
- Marin 2005 East Peak