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One of my older bikes (c.1973) is rather (for me) highly geared. The chainset has an outer ring of 52 teeth and an inner of 48. At the rear, there is a 5 speed cassette group, of which the largest is 22.

I'd like to use the bike more, but it is hard work in my local area, I never get to use the outer ring.

The bike is exceptionally smooth riding and the chainset seems to have had very little wear. The chainset only has 3 bolts (each 9cm apart) - I've never seen another like it - does this mean I won't be able to change the inner ring ? The position of the bolts allows plenty of space for a smaller inner ring - if I can find one !

The chainset has the letters 'maxy' upon it and on the inside of the crank are the numbers 171 then a slight gap then 41-5. The 'plate' on the front of the crankshaft says Sugino or Subino (I think) Japan. I've never heard of this make and fully expect to be told it is a right pile of youknowwhat, but it is a very pleasant bike to ride.

Should I just get a new chainset/crankshaft or can I obtain that elusive 3 bolt inner chainring ?

Thank you for any advice


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    I think Sugino is fine, but if you don't use the outer ring, fitting a smaller inner ring will still mean you only have 5 gears, so it is probably worth changing the whole chainset, it is most probably a square taper bottom bracket, and you should be able to find plenty of options. SJS Cycles do have an "obscure" chainring section, but I can't see any 3 bolt chainrings, they do have some 3 bolt adapters, don't know if they would help, but I think a new chainset is the answer, then you can have 10 usable gears.

    I am guessing the 171 is the crank length (they are usually 170, 172.5 or 175mm these days).

    This one may do you, it is a compact with 34 and 50 rings, £24.99 - talk to SJS for advice on compatibility.