Dahon 26" folders?

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I'm thinking of getting a Dahon Cadenza or maybe a Jack for my train/London commute. Anybody here had good/bad experiences with one? I heard the Jack has problems with cracking frames.

Got a Brompton at the moment but it's too slow and not good on wet potholed/manhole London roads especially in the dark. Also the mileage I do just demolishes it.

Your thoughts welcome.


  • Greg T
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    Without being stupid....

    Do you really need a folder?

    When I was taking the train I just had a hack nickable bike I dumped at station......
    Fixed gear for wet weather / hairy roadie for posing in the sun.

    What would Thora Hurd do?
  • Yes, I use a variety of different stations at both ends of my journey plus varying commutes across London so need the one bike with me. Don't like the idea of leaving a bike at the station for security reasons and maintaining a bike remotely tyres, brakes etc especially as I can't get it on a rush hour train for repairs as and when required.
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    where are you coming in from? could you cycle the whole way

    or just up the gearing on the brompton... I reckon I could have dropped a roadie on mine this morning, but the fecker skipped through a red
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  • South coast so too far. Brompton just not up to the mileage and as I said it gets bogged down in poor road surfaces. Need something more durable and faster in traffic so I can maintain a better road position
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    Airnimal's (is that how you spell it?)

    have a cult following


    I think someone on here posts about his - search on "birdy" (nickname apparently)
    Fixed gear for wet weather / hairy roadie for posing in the sun.

    What would Thora Hurd do?
  • ris
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    i've got an airnimal joey and it's an excellent bike. i got it in preference to a dahon cadenza for use on intercity trains where luggage space is at a premium. i find it easy to fold, nimble and as much fun for short commute rides as longer day trips.

    the only problems i have with it is that i find the ride a bit harsh on badly rutted roads (of which there are loads round here :?) and unlitmately this lead to me getting a road bike for longer commute runs. if you can get to a stockist they are certainly worth trying out, i think that velorution near oxford st has them.
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    I've recently got a second-hand Cadenza '07 model as my commute bike, and love it. Goes like the clappers, pretty smooth ride- and this is on 1.3" tyres, easy fold (though big) and no creaks or rattles whatsoever. Don't rule out the 20" bikes- my other Dahon, a Jetstream XP, is just as quick and rides beautifully (only the cheaper P8 model available in UK now), and definitely tough enough for a commute (my bike's previous owner did 60 miles a week for two years, I've been putting another 20-40 on, and it's fine). Then there's alternatives like the Xootr Xwift. I'd agree the Airnimals are worth checking out. And you've got to get it on a commuter train at rush hour, a smaller bike will definitely be better...!
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  • Thanks for your comments. I'm going to have a look at the Cadenza which seems like the best optionl. Want to keep away from small wheels now the winder is soon upon us. The Airnimal doesn't look like it can take much in the way of luggage which is a priority for the commute, though I will have a look at one.
  • MichaelW
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    I've had a Cadenza 8 for a couple of months for a 2x7mile commute. I really like it, the handling is agile in traffic and assured on descents, the riding position can be adjusted to quite a sporty bar position. You can read the velovision review (see Dahon site for link) and I concur with them, it is a well sorted urban commuter good enough to take a hammering that also happens to fold.
    The cons are :
    Rear rack braze-ons are non-standard. The only rack that I could make fit is the Axiom adjustable rack which is adaquate but not very good. You can fit the Topeak disk rack but that sticks out an extra inch each side, not ideal for slipping though gaps and who needs more air resistance.

    I didnt buy the machine primarily as a folder and I havent had to fold it in anger yet. I think the folded size is too big for a crowded commuter train but no worse than an Animal in quick-fold mode. Folding is pretty easy but you do need an allen key (supplied) and you would need to fit folding pedals.
  • Noclue
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    I've been riding my Jack for 60+ miles a week for the last 3 years without any problem and would definitley reccomend them, that said i intend to change to a cadenza in the next 12-18 months simply for the newer lock jaw folding mechanism and the better gearing, there are some big gaps in the standard 7 speed on the Jack.
  • I have a Matrix 08 and do about 14 miles a day. It is fast and comfortable commute.

    The bike is large when folded but I have not had a problem on the trains. The regular Top Peak DX Rack fits although a little high at the back seems fine.
  • alien
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    I have an 08' Jack and I agree ref the spacing of the gears. I got it as at the time the problem was storage, not using it on trains etc (I have a Strida for that).

    Would I buy it again? probably not. Cadenza is TBH much better or I really would - for use on trains - look at another option. I have read here about people getting grief with 'big folders' on trains from fellow passengers.

    The Jack is a great urban tool TBH - the big tyres soak up abuse and it's fine.
    Just accept it's a cheap bike and use it