Buying wheel components for "Self Build"

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I have a friend who will show me how to build wheels, but I am having difficulty getting the rims, hubs and spokes for less than ready built wheels. I am not doing this just to save cash, but would it not be reasonable to save a wee bit? Anyone got any ideas?
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  • robbarker
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    Depends on the type of wheel.

    Parker intenational are good for roadie bits.

    Chain Reaction are good for componets and cheap ACI (Alpina) spokes in MTB sizes.

    SJS Cycles in Bridgewater will supply everything, and give good advice to boot.

    FWIW I'd suggest using DT Champion plain gauge spokes for your first build. They are fairly immune to spoke wind-up and easier to build with.
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    A second vote for Parkers, when I bought some rims & spokes they'd even sorted out and labelled the spokes for which side of the wheel they went - which really did impress me at the time.

    I don't think you save a great deal (if anything) by self building. But there's a sense of achievement and the knowledge that you'll be able to fix anything from a slight buckle to a broken spoke without looking to the LBS.
  • ACI double butted spokes including nipples from Velomax are about 20p each I think

    Rims and hubs from online retailler of your choice - keep an eye out for special offers.