Ambrosio Cassette Q's....

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I'm considering buying this ... paced.aspx

Does anyone know if they come with a lockring?

What cassette removal tool is need to attach it ? Shimano I guess ?

Do Shimano tools remove Campag cassettes ?

I did try phoning the shop, but got their answer machine......


  • They come with a lockring.
    They use a Shimano cassette too.
    I don't think a Shimano tool will remove a Campag cassette lockring.
  • venster
    venster Posts: 356
    Thanks for answers.

    But Duh - Blonde moment !!!!

    I dont need a Campag tool to take my old cassette off the Aksiums. It's Shimano !!!

  • Smokin Joe
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    A Shimano lockring tool WILL work with Campag, that's what I was using for years. I only bought a Campag one when I needed to fit a Centaur bottom bracket and the Shimano tool was too short to reach over the axle.
  • andylav
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    What ratio are you intending to buy ?

    I only ask because I have an 11-23 version that is surplus to requirements - Shimano splined with campag spacing and complete with locking - would sell for £20 + postage if it suited you.


  • venster
    venster Posts: 356
    Thanks andylav, but I need the 25 sprocket.
  • andylav
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    No worries - thanks for letting me know