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Saddle Sores

squiredsquired Posts: 1,153
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I noticed today when I went to the bathroom that I have a little sore area. It feels slightly raised and quite firm to touch. I'm guessing it may be the start of a saddle sore, but am also mindful that it could always be something else. Does anyone know of a good resource on the subject, preferably including some photos? I'm going to give my brother the unlucky task of having a look tonight, so some photos would be particularly useful for him!


  • page23page23 Posts: 182
    it could be so many things including a bursa/bursitis, infection from ingrowing hair, cyst etc. self diagnosis can be a nightmare with things like this. if it doesn't hurt then it may simly be a busal sac so personally best to ignore and put down to your chosen sport. i it's sore then it might not be a bad idea to see your gp.
  • KeithGKeithG Posts: 1,010
    Go and see your GP if a lump develops, soreness and rash without a lump is routine but a lump suggests an abscess or local infection which might need "sorting" or antibiotics.
  • jrabjrab Posts: 99
    I have a similar issue to this. I cycled several thousand miles while at University, then after 10 years off took up cycling again in 2006. Up until last autumn (~3000 miles since starting riding again) I never had any problems with saddle-soreness of any kind. Last autumn I bought some new shorts but I didn't notice that the Lycra under the chamois had four panels which joined in the middle (like many other shorts I've seen). Where the four seams joined there was a small lump in the fabric, and after only a couple of rides I started getting sore. On checking I found a few small lumps, almost like pimples, matching exactly the location of the join in the seams.

    In the 11 months or so since then I've tried everything! I've not worn those shorts since, but have used two other different pairs of more expensive shorts, and 3 different saddles. I've changed my riding position after a pro bikefit, also tried the saddle angle flat, up and down. I've tried many different chamois creams as well as "ReSkin" patches pre-ride, and other treatments such as Arnica, Savlon, Canesten (at chemist suggestion), surgical spirit and Clearasil spot gel, post-ride. I always change and shower as soon as poss after a ride with "sensitive" shower gel. I've taken at 2 weeks off the bike on 3 occasions, and been to the doctor's twice. The first time I was prescribed some Fucidin-H antibiotic cream, which along with not riding cleared up the soreness but not the lumps - as soon as I rode again the soreness just flared up again exactly where the lumps are. Some time later I went back to the doctors, who basically told me to change saddles (done!) or stop riding....!! I haven't been on the bike for 4 weeks, but went out last night for just 40 minutes, felt sore then and even now the day after...!

    What do I do now? I can't afford/justify working though every saddle and pair of shorts on the market. As I never had an issue until I tried those shorts, I reckon that the damage done by them (the small bumps) is the problem and that changing shorts and/or saddles any more won't help. Is there any treatment that would reduce or remove the lumps? Do you have any other suggestions? The doctor I saw the 2nd time is notoriously unsympathetic - do I have options to ask for a different doctor for a 2nd opinion?

  • poor brother... I'd use a mirror and leave him out of it!!!
    there's a chance its not cycling releated... Have you been with any skanks lately?
  • jhamlin38 wrote:
    poor brother... I'd use a mirror and leave him out of it!!!
    there's a chance its not cycling releated... Have you been with any skanks lately?

    Ooohhhh.... :shock:
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
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